Episode 95: 1997 and Walmarts and Targets and Starbucks, Oh My!
June 18, 2007


Show Notes

A collector should be one who helps others. That's the peace, love, and collecting motto Marjorie and Arnie have been trying to spread for nearly 100 episodes. This week they put their gas money where their mouths are and go on a massive 16 hour toy run not to see what they can get for themselves, but what they can get for others. They took the microphone along and recorded the results of hitting Targets and Wal Marts and Starbucks (Oh My!).

Also this week Marjorie fondly recalls her first Star Wars collectibles that came out in conjunction with the Star Wars Special Edition movies. And it wasn't something you could buy in stores...

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To help pay back some of the collection karma Arnie received, he and Marjorie when on a massive toy run to try to fulfill the wishlists of many forum members. Here is a quick collection of photos from many of the stores Arnie and Marjorie visited and trip maps of their major toy run.

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