Episode 94: 1996 -- Contents May Rust
June 11, 2007


Show Notes

This week on Star Wars Action News, it's all about the Astromechs, baby, as Marjorie discusses her favorite C4 purchse, Koto's Artoo Detoo etched glass, and Arnie discusses his latest arrival in the mail, the Artoo Trash Can. Both are kind of pricy, but are they worth it? Listen to find out.

Also this week, Arnie and Marjorie look back to 1996 at some of the first true high-end collectibles to be released on the market.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) At last count there were four figures exclusive to San Diego Comic Con. Why so many? Will these have other methods of being purchased on-line?

2) Everyone is very happy with the announcement of the AT-AP, however one vehicle which fans have clamored for since Episode II was the AT-TE. It has always been said by Hasbro that if the vehicle features in the upcoming animated series we may get to see one. Given that it is featured in the show's recently revealed trailer, is this vehicle back on the table as a possibility for 2008 or 2009? (I know you probably can't confirm it, but is it possible?)

3) With the highly stylized look of the upcoming Clone Wars cartoon,will Hasbro figures follow that style or continue to look like the movie-accurate figures we have today? If new vehicles are produced, will they be "cartoonish" or more realistic?

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We have a special Star Wars Action News Flickr account where you can submit your general pictures from Celebration IV. You can see a wide array of photos of what everyone sees. This contest kicks off our Flickr pool and encourages you to upload your C4 pictures while at C4.

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  • The Making of Star Wars by JW Rinsler from Del Rey Books
  • The Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary from DK Books

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Star Wars Action News was given a shout-out on G4's Attack of the Show.

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