Episode 93: 1995 Star Wars Pumps You Up!
June 04, 2007


Show Notes

This week Arnie and Marjorie are back in the studio and attempting to recover from the "Correllian Creep" which infected so many of the Celebration Con Goers. They look at all the new items hitting stores and there are many. They also have a special segment from one of the recent winners of the contest to visit Industrial Lights & Magic, our own JediLarryB. Larry reports back about all the things he can legally talk about seeing at ILM along with a ton of photos from his visit.

In addition, you'd think it was Star Wars' birthday with all the new product coming out from an R2-D2 trash can to a $5,000 bronze Darth Vader. Arnie and Marjorie run it all down in this week's episode of Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) I remember several years ago there were the Jedi Master Points auctions. There seemed to be a lot of problems with those. I buy a LOT of Star Wars figures but I had nowhere near the amount of Jedi Master points those auctions were going for (I seem to remember the numbers being in the millions). Can you tell us how that all worked out? Were those auctions won? Did the winners actually produce the required POPs to "pay" for the items?

2) Recently it was reported in the news that Hasbro initiated a $200 million stock buyback from Lucasfilm as relates to the Star Wars License. Can you give us an explanation of what this means in layman's terms?

3) Can you tell us a bit about the selection process of figures for a year/collection and the waves it contains... For example, does Hasbro conceptualize the entire years worth of figures, then present it to Lucasfilm for approval, or is Lucasfilm in the early planning stages from the get go? Are the waves designed around the selected figures to be made that year, or are the wave conceptions what ends up deciding what is in that years collection (chicken or the egg sort of thing)?

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We have a special Star Wars Action News Flickr account where you can submit your general pictures from Celebration IV. You can see a wide array of photos of what everyone sees. This contest kicks off our Flickr pool and encourages you to upload your C4 pictures while at C4.

SWAN C4 Flicker Pool

The rules:

  • Photo must be taken at C4
  • Must be uploaded between May 23 and May 29th Upload date extended to June 10th.
  • Forum members will nominate finalists
  • SWAN Staff will determine winner

Winner gets:

  • The Making of Star Wars by JW Rinsler from Del Rey Books
  • The Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary from DK Books

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