Episode 91: 1994 Microsized, and a Celebration 4 Pre-Game Show
May 21, 2007


Show Notes

The Star Wars Action News team is in full con mode. Marjorie is walking fast, Scott is already in California, and Arnie is stressing about the Gentle Giant Yoda exclusive. But yet they didn't let their preoccupation with Celebration prevent them from bringing you another jam packed episode of Star Wars Action News!

Scott reveals his store reports, and listeners call in telling you where they found the newest VOTC figures, the newest Hasbro Vehicles, as well as where they found a Celebration 3 Vader for sale at Toys R Us! And Arnie and Marjorie reflect back to Arnie's collecting in 1994, the Micro Machines vehicle three packs and Action Fleet vehicles.

After that, it's all C4. We have an interview with the author of The Force in the Flesh, Matt and John return to run down all the famous names in the artists gallary, and Marjorie and Arnie do a "virtual walkthrough" of the exhibit floor covering which vendors have which exlusives and how you can get them.

Finally the hosts wrap up with some general reminders and tips on how to survive Celebration 4. From where to find toilet paper to how to prevent medical emergencies to just how to make friends out of strangers, they cover it all in this week's Star Wars Action News!

In addition, we have not one, but TWO contests going on. First, if you are going to Celebration 4, listen in or go to swactionnews.com to find out about our Flickr.com Celebration 4 photo competition. The winner will receive a copy of J.W. Rinsler's "The Making of Star Wars" courtesy of Del Rey Books and a copy of the Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary courtesy of DK Books!

Not going to C4? That's okay, we have another contest! The History Channel, in commemoration of its upcoming Star Wars special The Legacy Revealed, debuting Memorial Day at 9 p.m. (8 Central), is giving away two prize packages which include exclusive Legacy Revealed shirts, posters, and trading cards!

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Auction of the Week


We have a special Star Wars Action News Flickr account where you can submit your general pictures from Celebration IV. You can see a wide array of photos of what everyone sees. This contest kicks off our Flickr pool and encourages you to upload your C4 pictures while at C4.

SWAN C4 Flicker Pool

The rules:

  • Photo must be taken at C4
  • Must be uploaded between May 23 and May 29th
  • Forum members will nominate finalists
  • SWAN Staff will determine winner

Winner gets:

  • The Making of Star Wars by JW Rinsler from Del Rey Books
  • The Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary from DK Books

The Legacy Revealed Contest

Thirty years ago, an unheralded film known as Star Wars opened in theaters and took audiences on a groundbreaking journey to a galaxy far, far away. It instantly seized the public's imagination, and three decades later still claims that grasp. Now, a new special from The History Channel seeks to understand why the emotional impact of the Star Wars Saga remains as relevant as ever.

The History Channel, Electric Artists, and Star Wars Action News have partnered for a contest in anticipation of this program. You will have the chance to win a great prize pack.

Also click through to the contest page for access to special buddy icons and desktop wallpaper.

STAR WARSŪ: THE LEGACY REVEALED premiering May 28th at 9pm/8c on The History Channel!

Show Stuff

Here are some files and information for Celebration IV.

Celebration IV Schedule Spreadsheet  (PDF, 0.1MB)
Less than pleased with the GenCon released PDF files? Use ours. Thanks to rsmckale for putting this together.

SWAN Con Badge  (PDF, 5.3MB)
Print off our convension badge and identify fellow SWANlings at Celebration IV.

Los Angeles Convention Center Map  (PDF, 0.5MB)
Less than pleased with the GenCon released PDF files? Use ours.

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