Episode 90: 1993 -- X-Wing, and a C4 interview with Steve Sansweet
May 14, 2007


Show Notes

We have another jam packed show leading up to Star Wars Celebration 4. As we bring you all the collecting news surrounding Star Wars' 30th anniversary we just cannot keep the show under an hour, but it is worth it as this week we interview Steve Sansweet and bring you some breaking news about Star Wars Celebration 4. And there's an interview with Frank D'iorio of Industiral Lignts and Magic and NiubNiubsUniverse.com who is having a diorama building workshop at Star Wars Celebration 4, his third celebration workshop in a row!

Plus Scott from Tulsa's store report, listener voice mails, and a look back at 1993 when Star Wars was on the upswing and the dark times were over and Arnie reflects back on one of his favorite video games of all time.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) This question may be going back a bit, but... Yakface recently reported that the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor titanium you made was originally from the game Star Wars Galaxies. This made me wonder about what I feel is the oddest item ever released by Hasbro--the Cruisemissile Trooper. Did this have any source from a game, book, comic, or anything, or was it a "Hasbro Original"? If the latter, is there any remaining memory of if Lucasfilm had any questions about it being created, etc.?

2) With the success of the concept art figures, has any consideration been given to concept art vehicles in the Titanium line? If so would this be a 2007 possibility or would it be 2008 and beyond?

3) Also with the success of the concept art figures, is there a chance this line may continue beyond the originally planned figures in 2007, either as part of the regular line or in some other form like multi-packs or exclusives? There is a wealth of art from design contributors like Joe Johnson, Nilo Rodis Jamero, or Phil Tippett, or even something from the well of art created for the prequels. Might we see any of this in plastic in the future?

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