Episode 88: 1991 -- Dark Empire, and an interview with the author of The Making of Star Wars
April 30, 2007


Show Notes

It's Star Wars' 30th Anniversary. There's no movie to mark the occasion, no twelve disc DVD release, no television show, and even the video game to mark the year has been pushed into 2008, but Star Wars fans are lucky to have perhaps the best item of all to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of A New Hope--the book The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler. This book has been getting a lot of publicity lately from major sources like CNN, but this week Marjorie and Arnie sat down with the author, J.W. Rinzler, to discuss the process of making the book and what items didn't make it into the volume but should have.

Also this week are several other guest segments. Darth Kozy from the Star Wars Action News forums brings us a special segment on action figure customization, Jakob has his monthly segment, and Marjorie and Arnie interview a man opening a Star Wars toy display at a museum in West Virginia.

Finally this week, Arnie and Marjorie look back at 1991 and Marjorie reads her first full comic book series--Dark Empire. More than a few sacred cows will be slaughtered during their discussion of the first modern era Star Wars comic book.

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) With the cancellation of the Star Wars Titanium Forged Figure line, what is the future of the Titanium Cylon from Battlestar Galactica?

2) Ever since 2002's launch of Attack of the Clones figures we've seen many lightsabers assembled as two pieces: the hilt and the blade. Before they were a single piece that was very sturdy. Now they are two pieces that at times do not stay together very well and have little play value. They also don't look as good in dioramas as often they're difficult to point perfectly straight. I know a few figures had come out with two sabers, one hilt and one activated lightsaber in the past. Might we see a return to the one-piece design?

3) Are the Mcquarrie figures slated to be released in any of the case revisions of a wave or in future waves? In the revisions we have seen the Galactic Marine and others are being shipped again with later waves; will this happen with the concept figures?

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