Episode 87: 1990 in Miniature
April 23, 2007


Show Notes

In 1990 there were big plans for Star Wars. New books were being written, new comics being planned, video games being coded. But to the average person Star Wars was fairly nonexistent, a memory of a movie over a decade old. We had moved on to bigger Sci Fi movies like Total Recall. However in the gaming stores across America, West End Games continued to sell new product. In 1989 and 1990 its newest entry was the Star Wars Miniatures game, a game that could be played in conjunction with the Star Wars RPG or played alone. Arnie and Marjorie recently bought this game and sat down to play. Listen to this week's show to find out what they think of the state of Star Wars in 1990.

Also this week Arnie and Marjorie look at Sideshow's Premium Format Boba Fett. In the Star Wars Action News Forums there has been some debate on this item. This item is completely sold out at Sideshow, although some Wait List orders may still be activated. Should you head over and try to get one, or wait and see what the secondary market does? The Star Wars Action News hosts discuss.

Finally, after much hinting and teasing, the Star Wars Action News team has partnered with Jedi Temple Archives to throw a party at Star Wars Celebration 4! Arnie and Marjorie will tell you all about it on this week's show.

Thank you for listening, and see you at the party!

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Arnie and Marjorie will be hosting not one but 4 panels this Friday and Saturday at the Pittsburgh Comiccon. They will be hosting the following panels:

  • Hasbro Collecting
  • Collecting Q&A
  • Odd items in collecting
  • Podcasting


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