Episode 84: 1987 -- Droids Comics plus Star Wars by the Bell
April 02, 2007


Show Notes
This week Arnie and Marjorie remember Black Monday and Iran Contra...oh, and they also discuss some Star Wars toys. 1987 was a dark, dark year for Star Wars, but there still were some new Star Wars collectibles on the shelves. One of those were the Marvel Comics Droids and Ewoks series. Arnie and Marjorie look at those this week. Plus Arnie discusses his latest vintage additions to his collectibles, Jakob compares the evils of Darth Vader and Mr. Belding, and Nathan brings us up to date on the latest Star Wars fiction.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) What is the rational of mixing specific, i.e. named, characters with troop builders? I can understand a multipack with a specific characters, customers only need to buy one of them to get those and get all those characters. But doesn't it hurt sales to throw in, say, two Stormtroopers, two Rebel Troopers and Darth Vader? Now replace the Vader with another generic trooper and troop builders will buy multiples of this pack. But doesn't it seem like a disscouragment to have a specific character amongst all the troop builders? It seems wastefull to end up with ten Vaders just because I wanted to swell my ranks of troops. Take for example your Toys 'R Us ARC trooper battlepack which was the hardest to find to date. Why not do more like that?

2) What would be the chance of seeing a Jabba the Hutt battle pack? I am thinking something along the lines of re-releasing the Ultra Jabba the Hutt from a few years back complete with hookah. This would be a good opportunity to repack figures like Bib Fortuna, Slave Leia, or any of the various figures that have relevance to Jabba. What would also be nice is a retooling of the dais that could be included in such a battle pack. With a dais, while not necessarily a playset, I think it would lend itself to the diorama type collectors, give us a dais which we have had since vintage days, and could have enough play elements to appeal to kids. Given the price point and the nature of the battle packs, as well as how battle packs have been evolving lately, this is something that seems like a good fit.

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