Episode 83: 1986 -- Vlix and Del Rey Audio Books
March 26, 2007


Show Notes
Were you a Star Wars fan in 1986? Did you wake up faithfully on Saturday mornings to watch the Ewoks and Droids cartoons and hope beyond hope that THIS episode would be the one to have Luke Skywalker in it? Did you continue to scour the pegs for Star Wars figures even though they were few and far between? Well there wasn't a whole lot of Star Wars in 1986, but there was in Brazil! This week Arnie and Marjorie look at the singular most expensive Star Wars figure, Vlix from Glasslight's Brazillian Droids line.

In addition, Arnie spoke to the executive producer of the Star Wars Audio Books, Jacob Bronstein. Jacob tells us a little bit about what goes into the making of the Star Wars audio books, as well as giving us some information of the books new release on iTunes. To make matters even better, he has given us a coupon to allow all Star Wars Action News listeners to receive a free digital audio book, the audio book for the first volume in the Legacy of the Force series, Betrayal by Aaron Allston.

Finally, our friends at Sideshow Collectibles have donated a prize for our biggest contest yet - a 1/6 scale Jabba the Hutt and throne! But to win a prize of this magnitude will require some work on your part as Star Wars Action News conducts its first scavenger hunt.

Plus the usual store reports (we found Wave 1 of TSC!), voice mails (how do you insure your collection), Poll of the week (discussing more about Celebration 4), and more.

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