Episode 82: 1985 -- Yak Face and a C4 Airport Report
March 19, 2007


Show Notes
This week Arnie is full of March Madness...and it's all directed at Target employees who are the only thing keeping him apart from cases and cases of brand new TAC figures. This week Arnie vents some of that frustration and Marjorie defends the red shirts. After Arnie has been talked down, they review the two TAC figures the good people at Toys R Us did get them.

We then look back at 1985, the last year for Kenner to make vintage action figures from the Droids, Ewoks, and Power of the Force lines. Which item did Marjorie and Arnie pick to discuss from this period? Listen to find out!

Finally this week, our own Chris Tellez from Los Angeles brings all you Celebration 4 bound listeners an airport report. There are three main airports in the LA area and Chris goes through each, providing you with a list of airlines that service the airports, your methods of transportation to your hotel from the airport, and the costs involved with each.

Along with the voice mails, store reports, polls, auctions, and a clip from the upcoming documentary The Force Among Us, this is a Star Wars Action News not to be missed!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) In the Jedi vs. Darth Sidious Battle Pack, can you tell us if all of these figures are straight repacks of previous figures, or if there are some retooled or repainted figures in the set?

2) In order to succeed in business it is a common philosophy that companies must evolve and grow to meet an ever-changing market. Lately the Star Wars collecting market seems to have evolved with higher-end more niche, low production, high profit items becoming very popular such as the Sideshow 12" line, including its Jabba the Hutt palace pieces which create an impressive diorama, and Attackus' Death Star Hanger/Millennium Falcon diorama. Has you ever considered adding an entirely new business model to Hasbro's way of doing business, creating midrange to high end niche items, perhaps for sale only directly through Hasbro's web site, and aimed at higher-end collectors rather than kids? Examples of this which come to mind would be playsets, which seem highly in demand by collectors but do not fit Hasbro's current business model. Perhaps a Death Star hanger playset built in scale with the 3.75" figures, made of higher quality materials, in the $400-$500 price point, would certainly be a niche item but perhaps appeal to the Kenner generation of Star Wars collectors who's collecting habits, and wallets, have grown up with them? Or does Hasbro see its focus as entirely making children's toys in quality and durability and want to leave the more expensive items to the other companies?

3) One creature that was never released in the USA is the Eopie from Episode 1. It often goes for tons of cash on ebay, but I think it would be a very interesting toy; specifically, it would make up an awesome "Battle Pack" with an Episode III Obi and Baby Luke. Any chance we would ever see a US release of this interesting creature in a "birth of the twins" battle pack?

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