Episode 81: 1984 -- Rancor Monster and the worst Star Wars Movie Ever! Plus an interview with Aaron Allston
March 12, 2007


Show Notes
The latest installment in the Star Wars EU saga is out, and it is a good one. Exile, by Aaron Allston, continues the saga of the Skywalker and Solo clans as an intergalactic civil war continues to escalate. This book is certainly a must read, as many fan favorite characters are brought back and given their time to shine. Aaron Allston sat down with Arnie to discuss what it's like to write a nine book series round robin style with two other authors, and to discuss some of the plot points of his latest novel.

Also the 30 years of collecting starts to enter the 'dark times' of Star Wars being in 1984. This week we started to review one item, but simply couldn't bear to do it so we ended up reminiscing about the vintage Rancor Monster from Kenner.

With the usual store reports (TAC is hitting, listen to our show for the DPCIs!), voice mails, listen to this week's Star Wars Action News

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