Episode 79: 1982 -- Video Games, and an Interview with the Makers of The Force Among Us
February 26, 2007


Show Notes
On Star Wars Action News this week, we catch up on our backlog of voice mails from when we were gone to New York. Voice mails which ponder the imponderables, such as: How easy is it to stick to changed collecting rules? Is America the only country on Earth not seeing the 30th Anniversary Hasbro Collection en masse? And why does Fix-A-Flat not work when it's cold. All this and more in our second Voicemail-a-palooza.

We also hit Rewind on our calendar back to 1982, looking at the music, the movies, the events, and the STAR WARS. And this year it's brought to us not by Kenner but by Parker Brothers.

As an extra bonus, we had our first in-studio interview with Courtney and Christian Macht, creators of the Star Wars documentary The Force Among Us. They discuss their motivation behind making another Star Wars documentary, what being a Star Wars fan means to them, and which lines they stood in at Star Wars Celebration 2. Also, The Force Among Us will make its film festival debut at the Lake County Film Festival on March 9th and 10th, so if you're in the area be sure to stop by and support these independent filmmakers.

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Building the Sithsonian

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