Episode 78: 1981 -- AT-ATs Crush Cupcake Wrappers
February 19, 2007


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Show Notes
Arnie and Marjorie were like Snake Pliskin this past week and (barely) escaped New York. But back home in small town Illinois they are, and they bring you tales of store runs in New York, Illinois, and an update on what Scott has found for Arnie in Tulsa, OK.

Also this week we do an in-depth review of 3 Day Blinds' Star Wars offerings. To round out the Sithsonian, Arnie bought two sets of these blinds. Do they hang? Are they pretty? Listen this week to find out!

Finally, this week we flash back to 1981. The movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark), the music (Kenny Rogers' "Lady"), the politics, and...oh yeah...the TOYS! Arnie reminisces about his favorite Star Wars toy of his childhood, which was released in 1981!

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