Episode 75: 1979 -- Boba Fett, He's Worth A Lot To Me
January 29, 2007


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Show Notes
This week on Star Wars Action News we continue our 30 Years of Collecting retrospective by a look at what we consider to be the single most exciting Star Wars collectible released in 1979--the first figure for the new bad guy Boba Fett!

We also discuss at length the splitting of the Star Wars Fan Club into two subscriptions, one for the Hyperspace/Fan Club membership and the other for the magazine The Star Wars Insider. Was this change good for Star Wars fans? Marjorie and Arnie discuss...

Finally, what better way to tell your significant other that you love them than a lovely card featuring Obi-Wan and a word jumble, with a rub-on tattoo? Obviously there is none, so Arnie and Marjorie discuss 2007's Star Wars Valentine options.

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Hasbro Q & A

1. When a figure is re-released, such as next year's Saga Legends line, are the differences between the figures released in that line and the figures' original release any larger than two figures from the original line ?

2. Recently we've seen the Red Clone Commander replace the Green Clone Commander in the Greatest Hits collection. Why didn't the Red Royal Guard get the same treatment in replacing his Blue counterpart?

3. We've had several surprising requests from our listeners to see if you'd consider making a Teek figure (Teek being the annoying creature from the Ewok TV movies and the Star Tours Safety video) as either part of the Star Tours line or part of the regular figure series.

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