Episode 74: 1978 -- Luke Skywalker, Tattooine
January 22, 2007


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Show Notes
Gentle Giant has been shipping up a storm in recent weeks with long awaited busts, statues, maquettes, and book-ends finally reaching the hands of anxious customers. Marjorie and Arnie look at three recent Gentle Giant purchases: The Han and Greedo book-ends, the Rancor statue, and the Republic Commando maquette. Arnie also makes a definitive decision about his future collecting the Gentle Giant OTC animated-style maquettes.

We also continue our look back on 30 years of collecting by reminiscing about one of Arnie's favorite Star Wars toys that was originally released in 1978. Did you own one then? Do you have one now? Listen in to find out what it is!

Also this week, our friends at Andrew's Toyz are joining us in a contest to give away a Gentle Giant General Grievous mini-bust. There are two chances to win in this week's episode, so tune in quickly to get your chance to win this sweet collectible.

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