Episode 73: 1977 -- An Empty Box, Not An Empty Promise
January 15, 2007


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Show Notes
This week Star Wars Action News begins a look back on 30 years of collecting by hitting rewind on the old 8-track player all the way back to 1977, so break out your butterfly collar for this look back to when the Christmas gift every kid wanted under the tree was an empty box with a promise of more figures to come later.

Also this week, Greg the Wookiee from the forums joins us to give his tale of purchasing the Attackus Millennium Falcon/Death Star Hanger diorama. Find out exactly what he promised his future wife so that he could bring five feet of Star Wars into their home.

Finally, talk of Gentle Giant's "Dath Vader" mistake and tips about Sideshow Pack-outs, this is an episode of Star Wars Action News for collectors of all varieties.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) It seems several vehicles are based on vintage molds, such as the recent Imperial Shuttle still having the molded 1983 copyright date on the ship What is the process involved in reusing a vintage mold with the modern line? Are original Kenner molds able to be utilized again off the shelf, do they need to be retooled based on the original molds, or is there another process entirely?

2) On the mini Titanium vehicles we have noticed several problems with the stands. Perhaps one of the worst offenders is the Death Star, which seems to always fall off my stand, roll across my desk, and onto the floor. Is Hasbro aware of the issue with certain stands not holding the heavy vehicles, and is there anything being done to correct this?

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New Falcon Song (MP3, 3.1MB)
Arnie got so many comments on his new Master Replicas Signature Edition Millenium Falcon that he felt inspired to write a song about it.

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