Episode 70: Happy Life Day!
December 25, 2006


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Show Notes
On this Life Day Marjorie and Arnie donned their red robes, held candles up to the sky, and...wait, no...they recorded a new episode of Star Wars Action News! Marjorie opens her case of Series 7 Kubricks on the air and hopes for each one to be one of the rare chase figures she wants so much. Also, Arnie recounts the tales of his Christmas gifts, and some listeners call in with tales of their own Christmas gift Star Wars hauls. <p> Also, Justen 'DarthKozy' Kozisek suffered the pain of a thousand razor blades as he sat through the Star Wars Holiday Special. He has done a summary of this show for listeners so you can have an enjoyable 10 minutes listening about the special rather than a painful 2 hours actually watching it. </p> <p> Plus this week has an e-bay item of the week you won't want to miss! All on this week's Star Wars Action News. </p>

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