Episode 69: Rules Are Made To Be Broken
December 18, 2006


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Show Notes
The final 22 figures are hitting hard and fast. Do you need a Super Battle Droid in cammo paint? If so you can run out to stores now to try and find one.

But this week's show is almost all about Hasbro. The final 22 figures plus the announcement of the Saga Legends line of figures has shaken Arnie to the core...so much so that he has decided to change his rules of how he collects, and the bottom line is he's collecting less Hasbro. What has led him to make such a rash decision? Listen to this week's show to find out.

Also, Star Wars Action News will be back next week to do what no other show would be insane enough to do--a show ON CHRISTMAS DAY. So if you receive Star Wars Christmas Gifts be sure to call our voice mail early that day at 415-508-JEDI and let us know and it just might make it in the show! That show will be out the evening of December 25, so be sure to check your e-mail or the home page.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Recently a couple of figures, mostly Imperial troops, have had pinkish-red eyes. Is there any reason for this specifically, was it a paint error, are they cyborgs? Why was this done?
2) The recent announcement of next year's Saga Legends line has left many disappointed. First, even though it's Saga Legends, there is no Luke Skywalker, no Princess Leia. Also, 12 of the 18 figures from the first two waves have been on pegs this year or last. Out of all three waves mostly just the fan's choice of figures really digging into the past. Can you explain how these figures were chosen, and why the reliance on figures that have very recently been on shelves versus older figures?

3) How do you feel these weekly question and answers have influenced the future of Hasbro's line in 2007, 2008 and beyond?

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