Episode 67: Gifts.com Put to the Test
December 04, 2006


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It seems like you can't sit down and watch television without seeing ads for one holiday sale after another. With the major ice storm that hit central Illinois recently, watching television with power and water starved family and friends was about all Arnie and Marjorie could do, and one ad hit them over the head harder than any other, gifts.com. Gifts.com boasted they can find gifts for ANYONE on your Christmas list. Arnie saw this as them throwing down the gauntlet can they find better gifts for Star Wars fans than Star Wars Action News recommended? Arnie and Marjorie take the Gifts.com challenge to see if it truly can come up with good gifts for the Star Wars fan.

Also this week, Arnie bemoans the lack of Mace Windu's Battle Pack at Target, Marjorie bemoans the plethora of Imperial Shuttles in our basement and at our Target, and Nathan brings you an update on the Star Wars books, games, and comics that recently came out or are coming out soon.

All this, and a 'Real Fossil Rock' on the latest episode of Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) You've said repeatedly that you cannot comment on the existence, or lack thereof, of the Target Imperial Shuttle. Several sites and forums are rumoring this to be a "Black Friday" surprise where you're not making it known until we find it on the shelves. Can you say whether you would spring an item on collectors, claiming "no comment" all the way to it's actual appearance on store shelves, or if something like the Imperial Shuttle exclusive (not the shuttle itself, but any other store exclusive vehicle that may happen now or in the future) would be announced and promoted as you have done in the past?

2) I love the Titanium line. Anything that allows more Star Wars vehicles to be sculpted is a good thing, in my opinion. But with recent shipments I've understood that the Battlestar Galactica Titanium vehicles are shipping in mixed cases with the Star Wars Titanium vehicles. Now, BSG is my favorite television show, and I collect all the BSG Titaniums as well, but I don't think there's any question that it does not hold the across the board popularity and brand recognition as Star Wars. As some of the Star Wars Titanium vehicles are hard to find as it is (the "Space Whale" Republic Gunship comes to mind), isn't it a risk that the lesser known BSG ships could sit on pegs longer than the Star Wars vehicles, creating an imbalance in the market making Star Wars Titaniums more rare? If this is a danger, what is Hasbro doing to mitigate this?

3) We at SW Action News really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions each week, but we've started to feel sorry for some of the Hasbro employees. It seems that people cry "more vehicles, more vehicles" and you ask which, and they say "Sith Infiltrator" and you oblige, but then people are upset that it will be play-scale and Darth Maul's speeder won't fit inside with room to spare. Likewise, I fear if you ever made a Trade Federation landing ship it would have to be large enough to hold several of the droid tanks. A Super Star Destroyer in 3.75" scale would end up being over half a mile long, and I dare say that would verge on "playset" territory. What do you at Hasbro do to keep spirits up when it seems you can't win for losing?

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