Episode 65: Christmas Gift Ideas 2006
November 20, 2006


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Show Notes
Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for toys and...time for more toys! With Black Friday just a scant four days away (and one of them doesn't count due to the amount of tryptophan you will be consuming) the time to plan what you're buying for that loved one in your life is NOW. And if your loved one loves Star Wars, we are here to help with some obvious and not so obvious gift ideas, most of which you can buy from the comfort of your computer chair!

Also this week, we review the Master Replicas Revenge of the Sith Yoda Lightsaber, courtesy of Brian's Toys. Does it live up to the quality of the wise Jedi master? Tune in to find out!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Can we look forward to any Star Wars "girls toys lines" in the future? Things such as fashion dolls, make-up kits, etc.

2) In the Star Wars 3 3/4 inch scale, what scale are the figures originally sculpted in - are they 2-ups, some other scale, or does it vary by figure?

3) I am very interested in what happened to the Kit Fisto "starfigher" misspelling. When was this picked up and will there be a correction? What is the process by which a toy is checked for these errors?

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