Episode 64: Arnie May Not Know A Lot About Art, But He Knows What He Likes
November 13, 2006


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Show Notes
Marjorie and Arnie collect.  A lot.  But while they know a lot about collectibles they don't know everything.  Such as about Star Wars Art.  So this week, Matt and John come on board Star Wars Action News to give collectors a primer about Star Wars art.  From posters to lithographs to privately commissioned pieces, this is a great primer to someone wanting to know more about art.  And for those not as into art, it still may help you determine better options for displaying your collection.

Also this week, Marjorie and Arnie respond to a lot of listener voice mails, ranging from "What should I have Darth Vader sign?" to information on New Zealand collecting to the latest information on the possible recall of the Stormtrooper role play blasters.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) What is Hasbro's process in the decision to release a Foreign Exclusive, like the Uk's Woolworth Vader, and the Mexico exclusives Encuentros Luke/Yoda and POTJ 4-pack? How is it decided which stores or events will get the exclusive, and what the exclusive will be?

2) What was the hardest figure to get to the store shelves, from concept to sales floor, that may have got hung up for some reason or another, and why/what happened that slowed its progress down?

3) Hasbro's Star Wars line has always experimented with new styles, scales, and price points. Since the ToyBiz Marvel Legends line will be moved to Hasbro in 2007, has any thought been given to doing a Star Wars line in the Marvel Legends scale/style?

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