Episode 63: Two Views of Lenticulars
November 06, 2006


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Show Notes
What do you do when you buy an item that your significant other doesn't exactly approve of? That's what befalls Arnie this week when he and Marjorie review the three new 30th Anniversary lenticular posters from Star Wars Shop.com He thinks "they pop" off the page, she thinks they make her want new contacts. Listen to their debate, and then tell us what you think in this week's poll of the week in our forums!

Also this week, we have our first segment by Nathan P. Butler, author of the Star Wars Tales comic Equals & Opposites, keeper of the Star Wars Timeline Gold, and founder of Star Wars Fan Works, charter member of the Star Wars Action News Book Club, and host of several podcasts. Nathan will be contributing a monthly segment discussing Star Wars stories, covering the novels, comics, and video games that expand the ever-growing EU.

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