Episode 58: Behind the Mask
October 02, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) In Tuesday's Q&A you mentioned how you partnered with Sideshow for the 12" line of figures. Is Hasbro happy at the way Sideshow has handled the 12" line, and if it remains as successful as it has been can we look forward to more great Sideshow 12" dolls for many years to come?

2) Recently we have been noticing a reduction in Star Wars product line offerings from Hasbro, with the most recent removal being the Deluxe Titanium vehicle collection. Are there any new lines being planned for 2007 and, if so, are any vehicle specific as the Titanium vehicles were?

3) Hasbro has repeatedly said that there are no immediate plans for new playsets. Barring new playsets, some collectors and diorama builders were wondering if Hasbro has any plans for diorama-friendly items, such as you did for the last few deluxe figures like the Wampa cave, ewok glider, escape pod, and the bacta tank! For example, the turret from the battle on Hoth would be a good addition to the objects previously released.

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