Episode 57: Keeping Fandom Alive
September 25, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) We were told at San Diego Comic Con that not all Titanium Forged Figures will have a patina (or vintage finish) version, but so far most have. Are patina versions of IG-88, the 501st Trooper, and the Target Exclusive Lava Reflection Vader shipping or planned? And how, in the future, will decisions about which figures get the vintage finish treatment be decided?

2) Are there any plans for exploring post-movie EU ships for the 3" Titanium series, such as the Outrider, Lando's Lady Luck, Talon Karrde's Wild Karrde, etc?

3) Some collectors have noticed that some figures have the peg holes in the heel of their foot while others have them closer to the toes. Why is this?

4) You have made a great variety of characters over the past 11 years but two original trilogy fan favorites, the Tonninka sisters from the Mos Eisley Cantina, have never been represented in plastic. There have been a lot of rumors and stories as to why which are so pervasive as to pretty much be considered fact by the collecting community. So, why have these two long-desired characters never been made, and can we expect to see them represented in plastic any time soon?

5) In a case of "You can't please all the people all of the time" as soon as you announced the highly anticipated U shaped piece of the cantina bar questions arose if the bar "center" or back piece with the pipes and distilling equipment will be released as well. Will it?

6) The new comic pack idea is great. When choosing comic packs, which comes first - choosing the comic or choosing the characters/figures?

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