Episode 53: Busted
August 28, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) Recently it was reported that China's cheap labor workforce was dwindling. I believe most collectors recall the effects the port strikes had on Star Wars toy distribution a couple of years ago; should collectors start to be concerned that the Chinese labor crunch may have similar effects in the near future, such as limited or late shipping of the new '07 figures and vehicles?

2) I believe previously we asked about the difficulties in finding a titanium Bossk with a consistent paint application to the legs; collectors are now finding a similar situation with the titanium 501st trooper. The "battle damage" is symmetrical in many cases, and the paint on the legs is leaving the bare metal below exposed. I can personally say it looks much less attractive than the prototype on display at the San Diego Comic Con. Will there be any running changes to the Titanium figure line to correct these paint apps on Bossk or the 501st trooper, or if not, will the paint application process be reviewed for future figures?

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