Episode 51: End of Con Season
August 14, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) On the Titanium Bossks we've noticed a lot of them seem to have paint problems on the legs where the metal shows through the yellow of the outfit. Is this intentional or, if not, will a corrected version be released?

2) Starting in 2002 Hasbro produced outstanding special Holiday Edition figures based on the beautiful art of Ralph McQuarrie which will deck my halls for years to come during the holiday season. I would like to know (1) if this line will continue as I'd love to add a new figure each year and (2) where did the seemingly odd choice of a bright red Vader offered last year come from? Unlike previous holiday releases, this was not based on a holiday card, did not come in the snow globe packaging, and it was not a new sculpt like past years holiday figures. Artoo and See Threepio, Yoda, and the Jawas all incorporated holiday elements in their design--presents, red hats, presents, and a bag full of toys yet without the packaging and the stand Vader is just an odd, red Vader. Especially when there is the more fan loved Santa Vader right on the back of the card.

3) In the process of creating a newly sculpted figure, at what point is articulation added? Are sculpts initially statues and gain articulation or is it created in the initial design?

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