Episode 50: Toys and Tattoos
August 07, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) When you release special number figures such as the 300th Boba Fett figure and the 500th figure Vader how are you counting those? Do figures packed with vehicles count? If so, was the Cruisemissile trooper considered a figure? Do repaints of figure molds count? Promotional giveaways like the 1996 Spirit of Obi-Wan?

2) Last year Hasbro did some original troopers, the Target exclusive Shadow Trooper and the StarWarsShop.com Covert Ops Trooper. What was the decision process behind doing these figures rather than figures from existing EU sources or styles from Episode III which up until that point had never been made?

3) Given the fact that most sites participating in this Q&A have asked at least once about making playsets, has Hasbro considered that there may ACTUALLY be a demand for such items (Especially if made to look accurate and without cheesy secondary items and gizmos - read: brightly colored missiles and cannons that are only there for play value), especially at a decent price (small ones for $20-25, larger ones for $40-50)? (Though their market research says No Playsets, maybe their research subjects are a "local trend".)

4) It was said that one sculpt of the Endor Rebel Trooper was based on a Hasbro employee. Are there any other Hasbro "easter eggs" that have been incorporated into the line? If yes, can you let us in on them?

5) On average, how many of Hasbro's sculpters of new figures (for lack of actual job title) work on each figure? Is each figure designed by one main artist or do several artists work on each figure?

6) Is there any chance that Hasbro would ever consider doing a behind-the-scenes from concept to finish of an action figure (without giving away any trade secrets, of course)?

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