Episode 48: San Diego Comic Con 2006 Wrap-Up
July 24, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) We have heard a lot of complaints regarding the figures in recent years lacking durability. Some examples are guns that are warped upon removal from the package, figures who’s limbs or heads fall off when they are being posed gently, and so on. One collector mentioned that the recent GI Joe figures he bought had no such problem, but the Star Wars figures by comparison seemed exceptionally fragile. Is Hasbro aware of this, is there a reason why the figures are so fragile, and is anything being done to make figures more “play-worthy” in the future?

2) A couple of weeks ago you mentioned Hasbro was thinking of “sequeling” the Ultimate Galactic Hunt chase figures you did this past Spring. Those UGH figures were a cause of frustration for many collectors and a boon to many scalpers on eBay. Other Galactic Hunt items, such as the Silver Slave I Titanium, the Clone Wars Gunship, etc. were produced in numbers great enough that it seems most collectors are able to get one, but the UGH silver foil 3.75” scale figures were not. If this event is sequeled will Hasbro take collector frustration into account and perhaps release a greater number of the silver foil (or whatever it is that you do to the next round) figures?

3) I am going to put this one in additionally, as it was asked by one of our listeners. I am not sure if you want to be “known” to the community as we, and most other sites, have simply said “Hasbro replied” and then your answer, but one person asked Who are you? meaning... What got you into Star Wars? What is your role at Hasbro? Can you tell us a little about yourself and some of your daily duties? How long have you been with the Star Wars line?

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