Episode 45: Collecting in the Outer Rim: Spain
July 03, 2006


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Hasbro Q & A

1) Hasbro has continually stated that they consider the entire Star Wars line to be made for, and targeted towards, children, despite the large numbers of adult collectors. As we get further and further from the movies, and the interest of children can be expected to wane, do you foresee focusing more on the adult collecting market?

2) Are there any characters that, due to technicalities of rights and permissions or other constraints, we should not expect to see as toys anytime in the foreseeable future? Rumors abound concerning the Tonnika sisters and Yarna, and the rights to using their likenesses. Are you able to give any rumor control on this subject?

3) Has Hasbro ever created a mold for a figure/character that did not make it to production because LucasFilm did not give the figure the thumbs up? If yes can you tell us which character(s)?

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