Episode 402: Separation Anxiety
August 19, 2013


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Show Notes

New figures are on the pegs and Marjorie and Arnie are back in the Star Wars Action News studio ready to review them!  On this week's podcast the hosts look at new new Saga Legends figures from Hasbro.  With limited articulation and smaller card backs these figures have divided collectors between those who demand more collector-oriented figures and those who find the limited pose-ability a throwback to vintage collecting.  Hasbro claims they're some of the best sculpts they've ever done.  Listen to find out the final verdict!

But with the new items shipping there seem to be new problems for collectors.  The  figures seem to have problem staying on the cards, and reports are widespread regarding shipping damage to the Amazon exclusive Slave I.  Even those who received perfect Slave I vehicles may still have issues as many report manufacturing issues and missing parts with Boba Fett's iconic ship.  Marjorie and Arnie run down these disappointing details.

With listener voicemails giving their thoughts on the toys, a review of the Star Wars chess set, and a Legend-ary Darth Maul collectible, it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News podcast!

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