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Star Wars Jeopardy Game

Star Wars Jeopardy Video Game (ZIP, 37.5 MB)
This game was programmed by Arnie in the fall of 1999 as part of a classproject; a class project that quite quickly spiraled out of control. Able to be played by between one and three people, this game mixes Star Wars lore with video games. Be sure to check out the information page at MobyGames!

This game was talked about on Episode 23. While written for Windows 98, it should still work for Windows XP. If you run into any install errors just hit ignore and it keeps going. The first time Marjorie played this game with Arnie, she quite literally beat him at his own game.

Swan Song in CD quality(MP3, 1.52 MB)
*Technically near CD quality since MP3 is not a lossless codec. If only iPods played Vorbis OGG.

Mas Amedda Time (MOV, 3.7 MB)
It all started with a hilarious voice mail message left by Chewie's Jock Itch which was then animated by DarthKozy.

Arnie's Gift Birthday Comic (HTML)
Chris Tellez created this birthday comic for Arnie in 2006.

Arnie's Gift Birthday Comic (MOV, 4.4 MB)
Chris Tellez created this birthday comic for Arnie in 2006. This version is available as a movie download.

New Falcon Song (MP3, 3.1 MB)
Arnie got so many comments on his new Master Replicas Signature Edition Millenium Falcon that he felt inspired to write a song about it.

Star Trek Action News 
An April Fools prank played by the SWAN staff in 2007 changed the show format over to Star Trek Action News, complete with podcast and revamped site.

Mas Amedda Song (MP3, 2.6 MB)
After a long hiatus, this classic little ditty comes back. Now remastered!

Omega Squad: Targets (MP3, 27.6 MB)
An audio drama by Dany Pepin.

The History Channel: The Legacy Revealed 
Bonus content left over from our contests together with The History Channel. Here you can find buddy icon and desktop wallpapers.

Ewok's Delight (MOV, 105 MB)
While there may have been techinical difficulties in Episode 100, we now have Ewok Delight available for your separate viewing.

Leia's Got Back (MP3, 3.95 MB)
Arnie busts a rhyme about the Gentle Giant life size Leia maquette.

Deathtroopers (HTML)
We have recovered a message from the Imperial Prison Barge Purge.

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