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Arnie / arniec – Creator and co-host

Arnie has been a Star Wars collector since 1978 when he first tried to convince his mother that the cardbacks to his Star Wars figures were items to be saved, not fire kindling. Since that wee age he has been amassing his Star Wars collection, which now occupies a full floor in the house he shares with his wife and co-host Marjorie, and Arnie has been called “one of the world’s biggest Star Wars collectors” by Arnie has hosted collecting panels at Star Wars Celebration IV, Pittsburgh ComicCon 2006-2008, and done a live show on the Kotobukiya stage at San Diego Comic Con International in 2009. Additionally, Arnie hosted collecting panels as well as a panel on the Star Wars Radio Drama at Star Wars Celebration V in 2010.

Lines Collected: Hasbro 3.75”, Galactic Heroes, Kenner Vintage, Gentle Giant mini-busts and Statues, Sideshow Premium Format, Master Replicas & eFX prop replicas, Legos, books, comics, video games, DVDs, plushies, and anything else with the Star Wars logo.

Marjorie / marjoriec – Creator and co-host

Marjorie first saw Star Wars with her mother in 1977 and has held that love of Star Wars dear throughout her life. She collected Star Wars casually, but when she met Arnie in 2000 she joined him in his collecting and now helps preside over their collection. Marjorie has hosted collecting panels at Star Wars Celebration IV, Pittsburgh ComicCon 2006-2008, and done a live show on the Kotobukiya stage at San Diego Comic Con International in 2009. Additionally, Marjorie hosted collecting panels as well as a panel on being the partner of one of the world’s largest Star Wars collectors at Star Wars Celebration V in 2010.

Lines Collected: Kubricks, anything Jar-Jar related, Japanese collectibles, T-shirts, unusual and cute items, and working on her first Star Wars cosplay.

Berent / MasterCollectum'All – Video Editor

Berent has been with Star Wars Action News since 2009, enhancing the weekly podcast, and started reporting on special events, such as San Diego Comic Con and Legoland’s Star Wars Miniland opening, since 2010. He says being able to give back to the Star Wars community that has given him so much makes him “a happy boy”.

Lines Collected: Hasbro 3.75” Figures

Brock / Brock – Star Wars Action News Book Club Liaison, Segment Host

Brock is the book guy here at Star Wars Action News, reviewing most of the new releases each year and helping Arnie prepare the author interviews. In addition to helping run the Book Club, book guests and other random segments here and there, Brock is also the announcer for all of Venganza Media, Inc.'s podcasts.

Lines Collected: 3 3/4 in Hasbro, Star Wars Books, Vintage

Jason / Darth Prime – Staff Writer, Webmaster, Programmer

Jason is very much a behind the scenes work horse for Venganza Media, Inc. While he may prefer a keyboard to a mic, he has been very active in the Star Wars Action News collecting community by moderating the forums, running the annual Sithmas Gift Exchange, and even helped create the covert tribute Episode 201. Jason has had an on-again off-again collecting relationship with Star Wars starting in 1995 with the release of Heir to the Empire. This peaked around 2007 with Celebration IV. Jason has since scaled back his collecting a lot due to economic conditions.

Lines Collected: Gentle Giant mini busts, Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, books

Jerry / Bounty – Segment Host, Vintage Historian, Guest Host

Jerry has been collecting Star Wars and Marvel toys for over 30 years. Now, retro-collecting is his favorite sub-set of the hobby and he brings that passion to podcasting. On Star Wars Action News he hosts the Vintage Viewpoint segment highlighting the great Kenner toys of yesterday as well as guest-hosting the show occasionally. Additionally, Jerry co-hosted a panel on the Star Wars Radio Dramas at Star Wars Celebration V in 2010.

Lines Collected: Kenner Vintage, Hasbro 3.75”

Steve / TheGingerPrince – UK Reporter, Segment Host

Steve is one of the most dedicated Star Wars fans in England and has been bringing collecting news from the UK & Europe to Star Wars Action News since 2007. After seeing his favorite film of all time, The Empire Strikes Back, on the big screen at the age of six, Steve has never looked back and now spends his time travelling to conventions, toy fairs & film locations in order to satisfy his urge for Star Wars collectables and experiences. Steve’s collector focus is the character of Admiral Ackbar.

Lines Collected: Hasbro 3 & ¾” action figures, Hasbro vehicles & creatures, Hasbro Titanium Die-Cast figures, Hasbro Galactic Heroes, Master Replicas .45 scaled lightsaber replicas, Force FX lightsabers, Autographs of actors, Fan made costumes & prop replicas, Trading cards, Playing cards & card games, Paperback novels, Reference books

Daryl / creature – Video Editor

Daryl is one of the Video Podcast Enhancers.  His collection started with keeping his toys from his childhood and expanding it with modern items.  He is always on the hunt for that illusive or unique piece that will really tie his collection together.

Lines Collected: Kenner Vintage, Gentle Giant, LEGO, Kubrick, Video Games and Bootlegs

Andrew / Harrison – Video Editor

Andrew first saw Star Wars on the small screen after his aunt taped it off television. Since that fateful day, he has had a desire to own a part of that galaxy far, far way. Joining Star Wars Action News in 2012 as a podcast enhancer, Andrew finds great enjoyment in adding a little visual humor to the podcast that only dedicated viewers of the show will catch.

Lines Collected: LEGO, Tabletop Games, Books, Comics, Hasbro 3.75" & 6" figures, Hot Toys, Any item based on video game characters

Nathan / Nathan Butler – Book Club Continuity Ambassador, Expanded Universe Correspondent

When not writing his own science fiction works, Nathan brings his Expanded Universe knowledge to bear on “Expanding the Universe” segments, designed to appeal to both collectors and EU fans alike.

Lines Collected: Novels, comics, videos, other “story collecting.”

Justin / Kozy – Segment Host, Customizer

Justin is Star Wars Action News’ resident customizer and reporter of store finds & online news.

Lines Collected: Hasbro 3.75", Sideshow 12", Kubrick, Gentle Giant Statues, Kotobukiya, Master Replicas mini helmets & sabers, Unleashed and vintage Kenner.
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